The face of Abrahamatic religion; Fundamentalist Islam, Christian, or Jew.

Afghanistan to Nigeria; kill the teachers, burn the students and the books for the crime of daring to learn. There is a joke that goes “What do you call a book club that only has one book? Church”. The sad reality it this; the Religions of The Book have fought for centuries to make sure that there are no other books, no other learning. They are the enemies of progress, of peace, of freedom. Here they attempt to subvert the law to push their agenda, and when that fails, use harassment, and as much force as they can get away with. In areas without strong central governments and clear ENFORCED laws protecting freedom of conscience, they use their favoured tools; torture and murder.
Those who wish to claim I am persecuting Christians, Muslims, and Jews, listen closely. If you advocate the murder of children to advance your cause, I do not wish to persecute you, but execute you.


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