I am a Citizen

I am a Citizen.  I am not a subject, a thrall, serf, or slave.  I am a land owning, arms bearing , tax paying veteran who served his country in uniform, and continues to serve his community as a volunteer.   I am seen as a threat by police because I expect the police to obey the law.  I will not yield to illegal searches.  I will not obey unlawful commands, nor will I cower in fear because a person who wields a badge like they wield their gun; with the shameful tactics of the schoolyard bully, believes they can use their power without reguard to the law they claim to serveImage.

In the press every single day we see the police breaking the law to harass, to assault, to rob-most especially to illegally seize arms from the law abiding citizens.  In High River Alberta, the police actually refused to allow flood victims to return, so they could break and enter all the houses and steal the legal gun owner’s weapons.  Without a search warrant, with no cause, they commit break and enter, grand theft.  They are above the law, and the courts applaud. 

Our Prime Minister, the “Right Honourable” Stephen Harper of the Conservative Party was found in contempt of Parliament for lying to Parliament.  What did he do?  He changed a Government Ministry report by inserting the word  “not”.  Our elected representatives wielded our power to decide the governance of our nation on a direct lie.  When not lying to parliament, he prorogues or shuts it down, so the cabinet can rule by decree, without debate or question from the opposition.

To the south, our American brethren are watching women gradually becoming non-people, as the Republicans turn their bodies into state owned brood mares, at the same time that the Freedom of Religion that lead the world into the age of reason is stripped away by a Christian Right wing that differs from the Taliban largely in head gear.  The State is found to be breaking its most cherished laws to spy on its own people using methods as pernicious and undemocratic as the KGB at the height of the cold war.

We are looked at by police as criminals for being not police.  As citizens, we are the source of the power that the police and judge wield.   We are a constitutional monarchy (constitutional republic for our Southern brethren); the crown  (or President) is subject to the law.  The law is set and changed by the citizens of this nation.  It is not ours to bow, scrape, and kneel to the police; we do not need  to beg the courts to please respect our rights.  These are servants grown arrogant in their masters house.  We, the free peoples of North America are masters of these houses.  The badge, the gun, the judges robes are nothing more than the butlers bow tie and the maids apron.  Forget your place at your peril.  We are not the enemy of the government and the police because we exercise our rights as citizens.  Let there be no mistake; citizens exercising their rights as free people is the root of democracy, the central pillar and strength of our nation.  The government, its agencies, ministries, police and judiciary are branches.  If the weight of a branch threatens the life of the tree, it must be pruned.  Listen well; not lightly do the citizens of the west take up the shears and look upon the tree that sheltered their fathers and grandfathers; but if we take those shears up, we will not put them down again until the tree is free of dead wood and poisoned parasitic vines.

John T Mainer


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