Justice or Vengeance. You only get one.

You know, when a person is acquitted, and the government decides they don’t accept that, and seeks to send him or her to jail for another reason, any reason; justice has just died. Innocence is now impossible; if you are found not guilty, we will still punish you for something. That is good Soviet Logic. Freedom dies when we let governments decide the decision a man is innocent is irrelevant.

I don’t know and don’t care about Zimmerman’s case. I do know that justice demands the submission of the public’s desire for vengeance to the rule of law, and the decisions of the court. No one is talking about appealing the ruling; they are talking about ignoring the finding of not guilty, and seeking to punish him anyway.

Kill the law, we all lose. This is not about one man. This is about justice serving the people as a tool for redressing grievance, or the state for persecuting whom they decide needs to be punished.


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