Price of the Cost

A handful of years ago shone bright

Boys and girls so straight and strong

Our best and brightest hale and whole

Heard the call, my gods

Heard the call, and answered


Iron wrought they were then

Hammer and fire they knew

Many broken, but not our best

They were hard, my gods

The ones who took the field


Into the fire then, eyes open

Our best and brightest strode

Hale and whole they fed the guns

And were fed on in return

They held their oaths, my gods

They held their oaths and more


Some the Valkyrie took from the field

Some the medics could save

Some ate their guns in the quiet of night

But most from the fire returned

They were hard, my gods

They were cold, the ones who did return


Odin marked them, every one

They eyes that saw too much

Our best and brightest now burned dark

With their secret scars within

They were strong, my gods

To carry what was within


Freya found the lucky ones

Love to bleed off the pain

Never the burden ever gone

For the ones who dared the flame

They burn, my gods

They are burning still; the ones who yet remain


A sacrifice we offered once

Our boys and girls to the fire

What price will we who yet remain

Pay to save those who did return?

They paid, my gods

They pay still, for what they bore for us


Cpl John T Mainer (retired)Image


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