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Loki’s Kids: Some hard truths

Loki sons

“Everyone knows that Loki is the bringer of discord, that his followers are all damaged people who disrupt the community”

You know, as we grow up, we all hear and accept certain truths from our community, and that is fine. What is not fine is when we never question how far the “truth” we accept differs from the experiences we have, and the people we actually know.

“We are our deeds”

This is another of those truths we all accept, and if this latter one is true, then I am the bearer of bad news, the harbinger of woeful tidings. Loki’s kids have earned an esteem far higher in our eyes by their deeds than we have ever allowed them, and we are DEEPLY shamed by our conduct towards them in return.

I have heard “Loki killed Baldur” as the trump card about as often as “Jews killed Jesus” and used for about the same purpose; to justify crapping on someone for reasons that have more to do with fear of what we don’t understand than any actual objection to the deeds of the people you are crapping on. Now don’t get me wrong, Loki is a god that does indeed embrace those who have no other place, the lost, the hurt, the ones whose definition of self finds no welcome home in other halls. Some of his followers have indeed provided incidents of colour, humour and outrage, but as someone who has been cleaning up the messes of public Heathen wrongdoing, the followers of Tyr, Thor and Odin are not exactly in a position to raise the banner unstained any day soon.

Let me tell you of a man. His name is Steve. I have known him since I came to the community as an outsider. I was a Heathen when that was somewhere between “thug” and “nazi” in the eyes of the local Pagan community, and few indeed were those who welcomed both me and my gods with open arms. Steve was, even though he had nothing to gain by it. In those days he was young, brash, wild, and in some ways driven ( I would now actually say ridden, but more on that later). He was Loki’s in ways that everyone could see, but even though from my own limited understanding at the time I should have distained him for his choice of patron, I was a soldier first, and judged people by their deeds.

Steve has been in my eyes for a decade, and in those years I have seen him embrace Loki fully, honestly, openly, sometimes at terrible cost. Asatru, to be true to the Aesir and Vanir, to be true to yourself, your beliefs, your oaths, your community. Steve has lived true all of his life that I have seen, and let me tell you what I have seen.

Steve and I have sported together, have stood against each other in arms and at gaming tables, have volunteered in the same pan-pagan groups in a hundred different ways and let me tell you that he is always among those I see with me setting up, and always among those I see tearing down. Not just his own, he is there to help whoever needs. When people need someone they can rely on, they turn to him, as they turn to me because…….you can. You absolutely trust that his word is good, that his instincts are better.

Loki’s kids are renowned for having no boundaries, and I really wish I knew where that came from, because whether we speak of tall male Canadian, or dark female American, the one thing that I have seen from Loki’s kids is that they not only respect boundaries, they are usually the ones to identify them and keep others in the community from casually and unintentionally causing harm. Loki’s kids are the ones who are frequently and quietly trusted by those who are hurt and those who are vulnerable because they sense that Loki’s kids respect the boundaries, understand about the broken places, and the dark baggage that comes with internal scars. Loki’s kids don’t judge, and boy, we really do, and it really doesn’t stand us in much honour when we do.

I am Heathen, Asatru, and its not much of a secret that I get most of my instruction from the Hanged One, as while there are probably better ways of doing things, I wouldn’t use them if they were there, so I may as well follow the instructor whose tools best come to my hands, and address my problems is ways I understand and can apply. I am not a follower of Loki, I treat him as an excamural god, honouring him outside my hearth only, but I do honour him. He is the breaker of stasis, and while that is uncomfortable, stasis is usually a death sentence, so comfort is not really affordable in the long run.

What I see when I look in the community, are a lot of Loki’s kids playing by our rules and being good heathens, worthy members of the community, while we proceed to violate the frith of our own halls by mocking not only their luck holder, but the lessons they have learned, and the prices they have paid.

Look long and hard around your community, and ask yourself how many of Loki’s kids are in there, and you have causually insulted while talking about Loki’s kids, all the while mentally exempting the ones you actually know, while you run down the other ones. Then ask yourself how many of the heathens you respect have held back their true views for fear of losing their community should they dare to share the truth that they had found solace in the inspiration, example, or experience of Laufey’s son?

At a Trothmoot past my daughter, who had been struggling with her own demons found Loki.  Since she had been turning to Jesus, and seemed bend on destroying herself as a result, I thanked the gods and ancestors that Loki found her, and gave her the guidance needed to seek better options. Maybe he isn’t for you, maybe he isn’t for anyone without problems, if you meet such a person, let me know, for I have not.  I took my daughter to a woman I knew how knew and loved Loki well, and whom I trusted without thought or hesitation with the instruction of, and care for my daughter.  That is how I felt about those Loki kids; in all honesty, the first two that come to mind, I would trust with the life of my child.  I own this truth, and I say it clear, we do not do them the honour they have EARNED in our community.  That must change.

I am not asking you to hail Loki, what I am asking is that you who claim to be heathen, who claim to judge people by their deeds, look long and hard at those frithful members of our own community who offer to Loki. Now ask yourself, does the respect you have shown them, their practice, their belief, and their god, who is without a doubt a member of our holy tribe; does the respect you have given them match what their deeds have earned?

Loki Bound


47 thoughts on “Loki’s Kids: Some hard truths

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  2. Rede Seeker says:

    Well said, sir, thank you. I am eternally grateful to the people who introduced me to Loki and His Extended Family. They were patient and respectful to me while I worked myself free from the mainstream Asatru minset that demonizes Laufey’s son.

  3. Reblogged this on Migdalit Or and commented:
    A very readworthy reblog to fill the silence.

    I think bashing Lokeans is wrong on so many levels … but even if you truly, in the depth of your heard, cannot agree with Loki and his affiliates the very least you can do is this: Stay true to your own words and judge people by their deeds and their deeds foremost.

    ’nuff said!

    – Migdalit

  4. dear Mainer74, thank you for your thoughts on this matter. I am not asatru, but am pagan, and like much of the pagan community, I was raised christian. Christans recorded much of the information used in pagan practice, and if you happen to be clever, you can see where the ideals blur.

    In the christian mindset, you have to have Satan because without him you actually have to take responsibility for you choices and how they affect the world around you. Satan is the big catch all, your husband cheated because of him, the crops failed because of him, the plague spread because of him, your life will stay miserable because of him, but if you just believe hard enough, on day the world will end and he won’t make you lie, cheat and steal any more. He’s even why that really great guy, Jesus, had to die and come back from the dead.

    It’s all his fault, so humanity is not really accountable. We are so conditioned to think as slaves waiting to earn our freedom that we forget what it means.

    I had thought pagan paths included more accountability. In practice, many work just like Christianity for the one practicing it. “Loki killed Baldr, he starts Ragnarok, it’s all his fault, but one day the world will end and we won’t have to deal with him any more.” Look, it’s just like the christian Satan and Armageddon. It’s a nice, comfortable catch-all, isn’t it? However since it was written down by Christians, why would a pagan take the parallel at face value? Because we’re still so used to thinking like slaves waiting to earn freedom that we forgot what it means.

    Loki as the monster is the comfortable path for those who are not ready to let go of the last trappings of their old and broken way of thinking. The ones who you call ‘Loki’s kids’ have grown enough away from the catch-all villain that so many of us are raise with to learn from a trickster god. Because of this they can grow in ways other pagans and heathens are just not ready to.

    Loki didn’t make me do it, but he just may help me find the way to succeed when I CHOOSE to do it.

    • Beautifully said and I fully concur. I was raised christian but admit when finding my way to the Old Ways I have never looked at Loki as ‘the devil’. He’s always just been Loki, the trickster and a bit naughty. You have voiced what I have been trying to understand – why so many dislike him and mistrust those who feel the closest connection to him.

  5. SuzyLL says:

    Thank you for saying this, it is long deserved of Loki & His own. All i can do is give my own account of the changes this God has instilled in me over the years. Loki has given & continues to give me stability, peace, kindness & overflowing love that i had never ever even come close to knowing before Him. He is intense & passionate all the while demanding honorable, respectable behavior from me & complete accountability on my part (as i was truly wild, cold & untamed before Him). Gift giver, light bringer, Lord of laughter & love is some of what i call Him. The experience of knowing Him has filled me with purpose & an unquenchable fire for more of Him. I would never think of acting in any manner to bring disrespect to His name, nor would i remain for a second anywhere He was being disrespected! I can not imagine a life without Him & would not have it any other way.

  6. Reblogged this on Story of a Godslave and commented:
    My ordeal master is a self-described Loki’s Monster; I have, in the course of ordeal, put my life in his hands, because there are few other people I would trust in such a situation. There is a reason for this; the article posted here is a very good description of why.

  7. Thank you!!! I myself am a child of Loki. I cannot tell you how many times I get the ‘look’ or people try to sway me from him. thank you! Yes, Loki is a trickster. I see him in part as the bringer of change for the Gods and all. I just am so thrilled to have read this. No, Loki is not for everyone, but I know I am not alone. I love all and try to be there for ones who are in need. If it is giving them a hug, then I will do it. Blessed be. This is just what I needed, I know I am not alone.

  8. Very well spoken. Loki is no devil. The way he’s treated by so many Heathens says more about their Christian baggage than Loki. There is an excellent new series of posts on on Loki I highly recommend. May you and your daughter be blessed with wealth, health, wisdom, love and laughter for many years to come.

  9. MiserlyJuggler says:

    For the record – the story of Loki and Baldur illustrates more about the arrogance of Frigg in disregarding asking the mistletoe because she thought it wasn’t important enough, than it does Loki’s capriciousness. If she had treated everything with the same respect Baldur would still be hanging around.

  10. I, like you honor Skytreader OUTSIDE of the hearth. That is, for every cup offered to the Allfather, one is offered to Skytreader OUTSIDE of the blot. It is my job as gothi to keep track of that make sure that the Allfather’s side of the bargain is upheld even if Skytreader’s was broken when he became a kinkiller. When you say “Loki’s kids” I’m assuming that you are meaning those who claim Skytreader as their patron.

    Being trui is not something I recommend to anyone to take up lightly. I have been a heathen for over ten years, have founded TWO kindreds in the southeast and been a member of three (and am in a very good relationship with all three) and although I feel a special relationship to the Keeper of Cats, I am not trui to her. I’ve had few interactions with those who name Skytreader as their patron, but for those who have, I’ve not found them to be faithful keepers of frith. I would not sit sumble with them for their words would bind me as much as my own blood-brother, and I don’t trust them not to harm the orlog of the kindred. That’s not to say that there aren’t those who follow Sleipnir’s Dam out there who keep the frith, but, in my LIMITED experience, I have not encountered them- and I am wary of any who claim him.
    I will give Fenrir’s Father his due. Whatever he broke, he eventually fixed, usually better than before- except for killing his blood-brother’s son. That was something he COULD have fixed, but REFUSED to do so.

    Now it can be argued that by not fixing it, he gave the Allfather the opportunity to plant the seed for the rebirth of the gods, but that’s like, to step into the realm of your own analogies, of saying that Judas was disciple, because without his betrayal, the Christians wouldn’t have had their resurrection. A necessary evil is still an evil.

    Now, none of this justifies bad behavior at gatherings. Yes, Skytreader is a kin-killer, but the gods themselves gave us an example of how to keep the peace of the steading in the Lokasenna. Once the peace has been established, do not break it, period.End of Story.. And even Skytreader himself made the gods face some hard truths, but none of them broke the peace of the steading because they had drunk from the cup. The reason Skytreader fled was because Midgarth’s Warder was on his way, and he had NOT drunk from the cup so had not yet accepted the peace of the steading, and therefore could have smashed the kinkiller out of existence without breaking the peace. The real warning of this story is to be careful who you accept among yourselves for their deeds can become intertwined with your own.

    As a man who has married a woman whose former husband declared himself to be a follower of Skytreader and then brought home an 18 year old mistress and expected her to put up with it, I will say I have little use for their ilk. And for the record there is NO EVIDENCE that Skytreader was EVER actually worshiped, and he was NOT a god- of fire or otherwise. He is a jotun, who happened to pal around the with the Allfather until he committed the unforgivable sin of becoming a kinkiller. Thiazi’s daughter who is PURE Jotun is far more worthy of the honor granted to her by her acceptance into the Aesir and Vanir than Skytreader.

  11. Amy King says:

    Hilarious. So I felt a very strong “YES!” to this so I posted it in a Heathen group I’m in on Facebook… Only to have the misconceptions blatantly proven. Ironic. Apparently one should simply not “ally with the enemy of the gods”. SMH. Thanks anyway for the effort. Sigh.

  12. Andrea says:

    Loki is not my prime god or even one of my more called on secondary gods but many have been I times I have invited a trickster into my home when I am in pain. Blessed be the tricksters that make us smile when we want to cry

  13. Elise says:

    Glad that there are some more sensible thinking heathens about. And very few are able to see the actual role Loke fills within the norse pantheon. As someone whom is under his daughters teachings. I am truthfully grateful that you are able to share the facts in such a way.

  14. Reblogged this on Leiptr and commented:
    I really wish more people would see this and understand it. The only Asatru in my area directly told me they would be fine with me joining them as long as I kept my mouth shut and never mentioned Loki.

  15. Reblogged this on Lyrical Lokean and commented:
    I’m not saying that just because someone says ‘I’m a Lokean’, you should implicitly trust them. I’m saying you should treat the same as if they came to of differing ethnicity. You do not judge. You wait patiently and see what unfurls.

    Everyone reveals themselves. Let them shine with their true colors, and then decide if you enjoy that color.

    There’s nothing that’s kept me out of the Heathen community more than someone telling me I must keep my patron a secret.

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  17. Mercy says:

    As someone dealing their path, but also as someone who has followed many of them veiw by most pagans in similar light, I am a voudisant, native spiritualist, as well as a follower of paths sometimes deemed a tad to “dark” for some but would give most people(and have for that matter) the shirt off my very back if it would help them. That people who are like me and follow deities that are not as well liked in their communities (be it those who are the dead (gede in voodoo) or Raven and coyote in native faiths(who are tricksters by mere virtue) that you still respect us 🙂 this makes me feel a little better, and perhaps more welcome

  18. Ashley Alagna says:

    I also would urge anyone following the path to really and truly know their mythology and history, really really know it, before making judgement of Loki or his followers. Ultimately, Loki’s killing Baldr traps him in Hel, until he escapes after Ragnarok and blesses the new land and it’s inhabitants. If Loki had not been responsible for his death, he would have been destroyed during Ragnarok along with most of the other gods, and not been around afterword. Most of Loki’s deeds, while superficially seeming vain and selfish, ultimately point long term to making sure that there is something good after Ragnarok. Point to the ultimate good. This is why his children have such good characters, generally. They have their father’s heart.

    • Rainforest Hillbilly says:

      This is my issue in itself. Where can I find these myths and history that isn’t blemished by misinformation. Books preferred, websites would help. As there is no one in my small town who has any part of Norse Paganism. Mainly just Wiccans here.

      I may take the path blindly and wonder my way. But a direction is what I seek.

      I would greatly appreciate it.

      • The building of the walls of Asgard gave us a picture of the role of Loki, the gods wanted something for nothing (walls of Asgard in exchange for the hand of Freya, which they had no intention of honouring). They bargained in ill faith thinking the old man and horse could not finish in time, and they would get most of a wall for no payment. A deception for deception was being given, as the man was a giant and the horse a dragon, the task was near complete when Odin sent Loki to make sure the deadline was not met, and keep him from being forsworn. Loki transgenders, shapeshifts and distracts dragon/horse so thoroughly the deadline is not met the Jottun transforms and attacks, allowing Thor to legally kill him, everyone is happy, Loki is pregnant and a few moons later gifts Odin with Sleipnir. Loki does great deeds to redeem great crimes, in this he is not a Lucifer cognate, but Hercules. Hercules great deeds are the price of his rage-killings. Loki like Hercules is the agent of change, of great disruption. Hercules does his tasks with blood and fist and is hailed hero, Loki with a grin and a trick and has centuries of post Christian conversion Heathens screaming LUCIFER!! We respect Odin’s wolf, and revile Loki’s coyote, not for being evil, for being ergi, being subtle where we are more emotionally accepting of brute force and blood.

  19. Star says:

    THANK YOU. As a follower of The Wanderer and The Trickster it can be hard to find love in either group. Your post is right on target and wonderfully insightful.

  20. This post is powerful. I know I came to Loki, already having spent my whole life as an outcast. Even my parents could not find a way to truly be proud of me, I am everything they hate, because of their religion (**I grew up in the bible belt of the United States). So to me, Loki is accepting of the outcasts, the people born with issues, or who developed then over time. Loki is one of the few who accept me for me, and even enjoy spending time with me. So when the community I should look to for guidance as a newbie Pagan, considers me an outcast as well, it hurts. It hurts me, and without proper guidance, prevents me from growing.

  21. Julia Southwick says:

    I have just asked the clerk to cancel my membership to the Troth because of this. I am a Lokean. Yes, I’m hurt, yes, I’m damaged, but Loki is helping me heal (along with a good therapist, of course). I have felt it necessary to hide being a Lokean in the Troth, and as a pansexual and genderfluid person, hopping into another closet has been harmful to me. It is not healthy for me to be part of an organization that merely tolerates me. I love the Gods, all of them. I would never have even came to the Northern Gods, had Loki and Hel not came to me in a powerful dream. I would not have grown to have such a deep attachment to Odin, without Odin’s blood brother leading me to him.

    • Julia, I hope you rethink your withdrawing from The Troth. One of the reasons I ran for the Rede was restoring Loki to the place that he belongs in the community, and at last the work is going forward. There are others on the Rede who feel the same, some who are also Loki’s own. This is the time we are to be about the work of healing the community, and we need people like you to make that possible.

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