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Gender Roles in Heathenry
Gender Roles In Heathenry

Not my words, so very true.


3 thoughts on “Gender Roles in Heathenry

  1. thetinfoilhatsociety says:

    This was, in my opinion, written by a woman who doesn’t value women’s work herself. What is the best food for baby? Mother’s milk. Who can provide that? Well, a wet nurse can – or mother can. Dad just really can’t. It’s not exactly easy for women to breast feed and still work a demanding career. Let’s face it, caring for the home estate has traditionally been women’s work for this reason as well – nearly everything in a household/farm that needs caring for can usually, with rare exceptions, be put down at a moment’s notice to care for a child. Plus, multi-generational households really should be the norm, not an outlier – aunts or grandmas can rock babies, tend to chores, etc so mom can nurse or do things that can’t be put down.

    I think our modern Western culture denigrates womens’ work period. And that is the problem. Our most important work as a society should be raising healthy children and families. Womens work – and mens’ work as fathers, grand fathers, uncles – is at the bedrock of the family. The worst thing that has happened to our society is that a two income household is not only normal, but usually necessary. How can children get that bedrock foundation of security and ethics if they spend the greater portion of each day with a caregiver who cannot give them individualized attention because that caregiver also cares for 5-8 or more other children? Especially as members of a minority religion, how are the Heathen values going to be firmly instilled into the children when they spend the majority of their time in the company of adults and children who likely do not share their religion nor values?

    Heathenry needs to support women’s work and men’s work. And quit trying to be ultra PC and liberal about ‘gender roles.” When men can get pregnant, deliver, and nurse children then I’ll believe we are fully interchangeable. Until then, I’ll support my children (and anyone else who chooses the same) in their decision to keep mama at home with the children as I did with my own. As a true feminist I believe that children deserve the best from their parents, and being breastfed with a stay at home mother IS best. There is time for a career later, I’m living proof of that. I spent 15 years as a firefighter, 5 years as a trauma nurse, and I now own my own business. But my children had me when they needed me most.

    • Best for your kids is a choice each parent makes for themselves. I don’t second guess the people making that choice, because the best answer really does depend on whose making the choice.

  2. It is also important to recognize that by clinging to rigid views about gender, we risk alienating the GLBT members of the community. It’s hard to say what place there may have been for those who didn’t fit the gender binary before the dominance of Christianity. The labels we do have, such as the negative connotations of ergi, could well be the result of the Christianization process. I personally have never gotten the impression there is no place at the table for GLBT heathens, but it is a sentiment I know some hold.

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