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Not offering thoughts and prayers

I am not going to offer my thoughts and prayers to those mourning the twenty dead or many more injured in the El Paso shooting.  I am tired of the call for Thoughts and Prayers on the same platforms sending out the call to arms, the cry to action, to rise up and strike against the very people who are even now lying dead on the ground, innocent of any crime other than being non cis-hetero-white-Christian conservative enough to satisfy the fear mongers.

From the Pulse nightclub to Walmart in El-Paso we see the effects of these alt-right hatred spewing demagogues.  It’s not news, when the first demagogue Demosthenes of Athens, Marius or Sulla of Rome, perfected the arts of enflaming the passions of the common man against their target groups all lead to viscous acts of violence targeting those listed in their speeches for violent death.  When we see Muslim mullahs giving calls to Jihad we call it terrorism and demand that something be done to stop it.  When it comes from the sitting President, from rich white men, alt-right radio and TV hosts, internet bloggers, its suddenly OK.  The gays, pro-choice supporters, Muslims, Mexicans are being targeted and aren’t they the real threat?  No.

The nice white people calling for thoughts and prayers today across my feed, I have looked upon your own walls and I have seen the support for the same people calling for this hatred.  You are the ones empowering these brutal slayings.

Thoughts and Prayers

I am Asatru, I am Heathen.  My gods lay a strong charge upon me

127. I rede thee, Loddfafnir! | and hear thou my rede,–
Profit thou hast if thou hearest,
Great thy gain if thou learnest:
If evil thou knowest, | as evil proclaim it,
And make no friendship with foes.

I see evil and I proclaim it.  I call upon the right wing conservatives of North America to own the blood shed in their name, to rise up like the bloated pigs from the trough of privilege and admit that their reflexive defense of their place of monopolizing the political power in North America is bought with the blood of innocents murdered in the streets for the crime of not being exactly like them.

You cannot use the rhetoric of hate to demonize the Mexican, the Muslim, the immigrant, the black, the native, the LGBTQ, the pro-choice of all genders and then buy yourself out of all responsibility for the crime by calling for “Thoughts and Prayers” when what you called to happen was done.

By your call, by your will is the same as by your hand.  This blood is on you, and now I demand you answer for it with word and deed, not empty thought and prayers, while you end that with a qualifier that makes it clear you understand where he was coming from.

In 1170 Archbishop of Canteberry excommunicated a number of bishops sympathetic to King Henry II of England. Henry said at a feast to his knights

“Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?”

Four of them rode and cut the Archbishop down in his own church.  Everyone understood that Henry called for the murder, using indirect speech to distance himself like a coward from the consequences of his call for murder.  The Pope of the time forbade him mass until he did public penance in 1172, because even in medieval Europe where law was a sword in one hand bribe in another it was understood that some acts of cowardice and deliberate murder were just wrong.

Now we have our modern King Henry offering thoughts and prayers, distancing himself from the actions done to fulfill his desires while not ever wavering from his support of the political machine of hate he rode to power, and whose blood soaked means and ends he empowers in turn.


Trump Tweet a1Trump Tweet 1

All 2018 extremist killings link to alt-right



4 thoughts on “Not offering thoughts and prayers

  1. You are completely correct. Of course, many of the people who parrot the ‘thoughts and prayers’ are simply using it because they’re too timid or lazy or just don’t care enough to actually stand up and DO something about it, even if it’s no more than calling a representative in Congress or at the local level or, gods forbid!, voting against the same old people who defend this. At the time of the 2nd Amendment, parity was both sides having muskets. Today there isn’t a civilian alive who has the training and firepower of the military or the police. It’s a piece of history, outmoded but loved.

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