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Three Kings Bindrune: In defense of Inclusive Heathenry

 The  leader of the Cascadian Freehold brought a request when she joined us at the BC Heathen Freehold Althing.  She sought aid to make a bindrune to protect Inclusive Heathen groups, her Cascadian Freehold, our Heathen Freehold, and The Troth among others, from both racist elements and political elements who wish harm to our halls and our goals.

Begin with Othala, signifying family, nobility, inheritance and home; this is our home, a place where all who come in frith can become family, no matter what labels the outside world would use to divide us.

Othala Rune
Forming the point of the spear is Elhaz, for we protect this place of inclusion and frith, this hall we have come together to build.
Elhaz rune
Forming the shaft of the spear is Ansuz; inspiration, leadership, the king rune of Odin the Victory Father for we are inspired by his laws of hospitality to build and defend this place for Inclusive Heathenry, and with his blessing will defend it.
Ansuz rune
Adding Ansuz to Othala’s base produces a secondary rune of Tiwaz. This is Tyr’s king rune, signifying honour, justice, for he is the lord of law and honour both. Tyr is lord of The Thing, for under his protection do we draw together in peace to speak, to make laws and settle disputes.
Tiwaz Rune
Forming the base of the spear is Wunjo, the rune for joy and completion, for it is our joy as much as it is our duty to do battle to defend Inclusive Heathenry and the principals of inclusion and frith in our local and national secular communities as well.
wunjo rune
From the tip of Othala to the base of Ansuz we draw now Ingwaz, the king rune of Freyr, for the lord of peace we call to bless our works, for though we stand with spear in hand to fight if we must, it is peace we seek to win, to defend, not only for Inclusive Heathenry but from the example of our halls to spread this peace to our allies, our neighbors, and all our lands.
Ingwaz rune
From the two lateral points of Ingwaz add Elhaz pointing outward to either side, for we defend our halls from all those who wish us ill, just as we extend our protection to those who stand with us, or those who are attacked not for what they have done, but for the label hate filled men chose to hang on them.
Framing Othala with Ingwaz reveals Gebo; the rune of gifting which was the missing piece for the final charging galdor

Elhaz is given twice, the first is the tip of the spear Wunjo to drive home Anzuz to power, Tiwaz to guide, Othala to hold, Elhaz to strike.

The second Elhaz flanks Ingwaz and frames both Othala and Gebo.  This is the shield, Elhaz to ward Ingwaz for peace, Othala for home and folk, but with Elhaz flanking this protection extends to our neighbors, both our allies in the struggle and those who have no defenders.

This is a defensive bind-rune, but a soldier knows defense is turning aside the enemies attack and destroying his ability to launch another.

Charging galdor as follows

Home is the hall without division, from all corners come, all hearts welcoming, all hands defending, one folk of steadfast frith.


King stag defending, what is ours we hold, who is ours we defend.  Seek harm to no other save those who attack


Holy Odin inspire this hall as host, good counsel be offered, bright passions be fired


Holy Tyr bear witness. Peace holy who gather, let justice be sought, let the right be upheld


Joy is the task that is done, the fight that is won, the deeds matched the words


Holy Frey the peace-good, King-stag and frithful, your peace we would know, your gifts we would share


King stag defending, for those who battle beside us, for those with none to defend them


A gift for a gift, for the peace we have found peace for others we seek”

Three Kings Bindrune

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