‘Love Thy Neighbour’… Unless Thy Neighbour is Heathen, Or So It Seems.

There is a reason I am an open heathen, at six foot one, two hundred ninety pounds of scarred, ex military, leg breaker. It is for people like me to educate people like this heathen women encountered that they need to keep the dialog respectful or they will be seeing their god that day to explain why they are giving him such a shitty reputation.

Modern Norse Heathen

So a while ago I was walking through my local town centre, minding my own business, when I passed a bunch of Christians who were handing out leaflets and preaching Bible passages. I just kept on walking, and didn’t give them eye contact because I really couldn’t be bothered with the inevitable fight which always seems to ensue when I find myself in these types of situations.

Despite me trying to be invisible amongst the crowd, somehow one of these guys singled me out. He immediately ran to me, and grabbed my arm. When someone just grabs me in a crowded place, my first instinct is to deck them, so he’s lucky he didn’t get his teeth rammed down his throat! I kept my cool, and politely (but firmly) asked him to remove his hand from my arm. He apologised, and acted courteous, politely asking if I’d like a free…

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One thought on “‘Love Thy Neighbour’… Unless Thy Neighbour is Heathen, Or So It Seems.

  1. thetinfoilhatsociety says:

    And that would be exactly why Christians took over Europe, and why Muslims will soon do the same. Because polytheistic believers are much more tolerant than any monotheist religion will ever be.

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